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Please inquire for any specific details to better equip your package for the production.

Rates may vary with changes to the order. Please inquire if you will be working into the night as
we have battery powered outdoor lights, flash lights, head lamps.

• 1x 10x20 Tent
• 2x 10x15 Tent
• 2x 10x10 Tent
• 15x Sidewalls
• 16x 25lb Sandbags
• 6x 35lb Sandbags
• 6x 6ft Tables
• 36x Folding Chairs
• 4x Tall Director's Chairs
• 4x Short Director's Chairs
• 1x trash can
• 1x recycle trash can

• 1x Magliner SR

• 1x Honda 2k Generator

• 1x 5gal Gas Can

• 1x Fire Extinguisher (10lb)



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