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Please inquire for any specific details to better equip your package for the production.

Prices vary to how much material is used. Let us know if there are any other details or sensitive locations that need to be proofed in advance. We also would like to be able to proof the location before production "moves in". At least one (1) hour before crew call. After wrap, we'll be back to break down the materials and reset the location.

Location Proofing


• 50x corner protectors

• 2x rolls of stair protection

• 50x 3x5 Layout Mats

• 10x 2x5 Hallway mats

• 25x 4x8 layout boards

• 2x rolls corrugated wall protection

• 6x rolls blue tape

• 10x furniture pads

• 1x broom

• 1x dustpan

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